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Insurance Service




Insurance Service

Insurance by Self Reliance.
Renter is insured for the casco-risk and WA Risk. Casco is the insurance which covers damage to the rented vehicle.

WA is the insurance that covers the damage of the third party vehicle.

Upon request we can also provide additional service of insurance in case of an accident that will cover the personal damage and medical costs.

Safety Tips
* It's mandatory to wear you're seatbelt so,
"Buckle up, seat belts save lives".

* All cars are right-hand drive.

* Suriname has left hand traffic.

* You are not allowed to speak on a cell phone without a hands free kit while driving. Most of our cars are equipt with handsfree bluetooth stereo installation.

* Do not move the rental car from the road when involved in an accident until the police is contacted and they give permission to do so.

  • * In each damage case a police report is mandatory.